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Essential Security for Identity, Data and Applications.

Top 8 pain points
that hurt you daily

87% of companies have more than 4 authentication systems. Even Active Directory is not consolidating all apps in one place. Cloud compounds it more.
There is no denial legacy is running in 65% enterprises for simple reason "its not broken" so security for these become a problem.
94% of cybersecurity jobs are vacant. Products & services is must but it cannot not easy. Cloud services are also under attack like OKTA example.
Multiple IAM systems, separate MFA or Onboard or Risk based and sepratae for employees and customers. Imagine 4-5 different vendors and their costly SLAs.
Your need for workforce app protection will be different than customer large volume protection. 2FA OTP is not solution for all, in-fact it is killing your business.
Average 8-12 credentials per employee and 30+ credentials for normal individual that lead to friction and frustration. Risk is high and multiple failure points. Disconnected system are dangerous.
Appliance can fail. Single server single site can fail. Authentication and Protection of Identity, data and applications is mission critical and it needs highly scalable with complete control is need for your business.
IT security compliance if not standardised leads to gaps in your security architecture and IAM product (s) needs to handle all compliance to ensure identity and data is well complied. This is one of the biggest gap right now in market.
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Central & Standard

Enterprise grade, highly scalable container based central identity and data protection platform for multiple applications with different needs (but as IT security standard).

Fortify legacy

Legacy should be supported as it is very much in use. Axiom Protect enables new old apps with reverse proxy LDAP and trusted application gateway ensures all are supported to elevate security to latest protection.

Zero dependency

Example Cisco Duo Or OKTA need you their API for Push MFA but why? it should directly from your app to user's device. Solution should have zero dependency on vendor, their infra for it to work for you.

Optimize LifeCycle

Easy to integrate and works seamless with Active Directory self service mobile and web widgets along with multiple resource access saves time, effort and cost at each front.

Bring choices

Each app will have different need from absolute Push MFA to adaptive invisible frictionless authentication to self onboard customers and many more. Choice to user, application, developer and system owner. Passwordless, Video Call, OTP, Geo Fence and 20+ more options to chose from.


Solution that ensures customer onboard, day to day authentications (absolute and intelligent) with self service support brings continuous lifecycle management. Disjoint and disconnect needs to be removed by design and choice.

Enterprise ready

High volume, high velocity for multiple tenants and multi applications with 1-5million users accessing securely is what is needed with team management, audit, reports and role based access.

Our Products

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Low Risk, Higher Reward

Our products bring new way with new innovation for legacy and new generation infrastructures with least risk and higher rewards.

Priority Mapping

Priority will be front transformation and back office efficiency where our products plays most important role.

Least Integration Burden

Our solutions bring seamless integration with least or no burdening existing infrastructure. Standard to bespoke ensure fast rollout.

Leverage Skills

Leverage on our skilled and expert team that is solving layers of complex problems over last 8 years.

Our Add-on
Services at a glance

Zero Trust Unifys

Service that enables and empowers you to imagine your specific outcomes with regards to zero trust architecture and our team will make it for you. Unify brings consolidation plan under CISO guidance.

App & Data Migration

Don't burden current team. In order to maintain steady growth and productivity, happy balance of employees and outsourced agents. Different timezones also works well with this monthly option.

Custom Integrations

We offers ready to use SDK, Samples and best practise templates for maximum saving. However some integrations with legacy needs special attention. Our expert team can do it as an extension service.

Context Discovery

Many times there are data sources, flows, pain points which are not visible. This offerings takes deep dive in each department and finds out the context, pain and how passwordless can assist and fix.

Quarterly Insights

Every quarter "C" Level performance insights (CPI) and total economic impact (TEI) to bring the value to the business owners and top management.

Premium Support

This package covers not only components from all these 5 mentioned but also gives 24x7 support to as superior service level commitment from our side.

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