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Intelligent 'Zero Code Enterprise Grade' Omni channel Chatbot Platform

Top 8 pain points
that hurt you daily

Your growth cannot be adding more people to serve, how do we bring every visitor to become a lead and eventually client.
Your website, mobile app, social media channels are live but not ALIVE with intelligent responses.
Your website has valuable contents but how can your visitor access them; they are not going to spend more than 3minutes if they are not helped.
65% of daily tasks across all departments are repetitive that take 50% of productivity. Tasks like scheduling appointment, order status, balance query, asking for screen shot, replying emails or helping explaining usage and many more.
Your Customer Service suffers human error, bias and lack of transparency.
Paid Social Media Advertisement costs a lot. Can your website become interactive advertisement, offers and selling catalog.
Client Acquisition, Retention, Service, Feedback all need to be handled and can it be done without human or time delay. Phone or Email is 12 hours. Social Media is 8 hours. Real time chat is instant.
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24x7x365 multi channels multi lingual intelligent bot empowers your business without adding head count, human effort to maximize conversion and conversations.

Alive & Intelligent.

Bring intelligent real time interactions using AI/ML powered sentiment analysis, intent recognition and page summarisation.

Instant & Real.

Your website pages, emails, chats our social media and frequently asked questions cover 95% of queries that you will have on day zero. Make this data available immediately and instantaneous to your audience.

Optimize lifecycle.

Zero code non technical flow builder that helps you orchestrate each phase of customer lifecycle along with pre built templates that help for quick rollout.

No humans.

Standardised and optimise customer engagement. Reduce human involvement to minimal with only high quality involvement. Audit and log all conversations to remove bias and bring transparency.

Contextual & Rich

Rich Media segmented personalised advertisements and offers to boost success. Dynamic catalogs with smart questionnaires brings better qualified leads.

Reduced effort.

Interactive self service customer experience coupled with plethora of components and integrations removes all these tasks and brings the best automation with least human involvement and fast roll out.

Our Products

Expertise, commitment, and value. It's our mission to consistently provide these to our clients.

Why partner with

Low Risk, Higher Reward

Our products bring new way with new innovation for legacy and new generation infrastructures with least risk and higher rewards.

Priority Mapping

Priority will be front transformation and back office efficiency where our products plays most important role.

Least Integration Burden

Our solutions bring seamless integration with least or no burdening existing infrastructure. Standard to bespoke ensure fast rollout.

Leverage Skills

Leverage on our skilled and expert team that is solving layers of complex problems over last 8 years.

Our Add-on
Services at a glance

Custom Integrations

We offers ready to use SDK, Samples and best practise templates for maximum saving. However some integrations with legacy needs special attention. Our expert team can do it as an extension service.

Context Discovery

Many times there are data sources, flows, pain points which are not visible. This offerings takes deep dive in each department and finds out the context, pain and how passwordless can assist and fix.

Quarterly Insights

Every quarter "C" Level performance insights (CPI) and total economic impact (TEI) to bring the value to the business owners and top management.

Premium Support

This package covers not only components from all these 5 mentioned but also gives 24x7 support to as superior service level commitment from our side.

Orchestration Skills

Service that enables and empowers you to imagine your specific outcomes and our team will make it for you. This is nominal hourly billing offering.

Outsource Agent

Don't burden current team. In order to maintain steady growth and productivity, happy balance of employees and outsourced agents. Different timezones also works well with this monthly option.

Need something

No problem. We can work with you to build exactly
what you need in a fraction of the time of building
it yourself. Fast, cost-effective and tailor-made
to you.