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Zero Code Enterprise Grade Document Data Security
with it's 5 in 1 value

Top 8 pain points
that hurt you daily

Every company is under attack online. This is ievitable truth but it is painful as there is no silver bullet to protect yet.
Digital transformation fails mainly due to velocity for flow automation never mets the expectation. Documents are one main problem for slow velocity.
Reputation is priceless and documents with their data pose esp. on cloud poses very high risk brings higher insurance premium and breach penalties.
There are 100s of privacy laws and regulations globally now that demand data protection and it is not limited to large companies. It is for all
Humans are still focal point on data and documents. Sign, Extract, Fill, Store, Verify all these involve human effort and say.
Humans and legacy plus disconnected systems do not allow high volume to happen. Growth cannot come unless high volumes are achieved without human involvement.
Time, effort spend in manual management coupled with unproductive mundanes tasks plus human's ability to work 6-8 hours are complete opposite of your revenue growth plan and peace of mind.
Errors lead to repetition and time wastage. From extract to paper signing to generating bulk documents can have errors due to human and disjoint systems.
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Hide & Secure

Any document within your apps can be REDACTed, Masked and/or encrypted to ensure even breach does not impact.

Realtime Response

From smart extract to instant tamper check or generating new documents with lead to real time automation with least gaps and work 24x7x365 to bring new "unthought" self service flows.

Standardised Process

Every app can manage the documents in same way. You can make templates for all 5 key operations and automate processing using real time APIs.

Intelligent Decisions

AI/NLP and AI/ML powered document tampering, contextual extraction, auto correct, detect sensitive data to REDACT /MASK helps with automated smart decision making real time

Boost Efficiency

Reduced effort and manual processing for handling documents and their operations will boost human productivity and process /application efficiency. Current apps are not burdened.

Centralised Access

Remove disjoint disconnected app to process their documents with multiple points of failure to one centrailized access point for all apps to give away their burden and enjoy freedom.

Zero Code Maker

Zero code, no tech skill Template maker gives zero error automation for any app to leverage on this amazing platform.

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Low Risk, Higher Reward

Our products bring new way with new innovation for legacy and new generation infrastructures with least risk and higher rewards.

Priority Mapping

Priority will be front transformation and back office efficiency where our products plays most important role.

Least Integration Burden

Our solutions bring seamless integration with least or no burdening existing infrastructure. Standard to bespoke ensure fast rollout.

Leverage Skills

Leverage on our skilled and expert team that is solving layers of complex problems over last 8 years.

Our Add-on
Services at a glance

Application Extension

Your CRM, ERP or Any other custom, bespoke applications need to be extended to engage then we are here to assist with API calling (over HTTP, Socket or SFTP and others).

New Integrations

We offers ready to use templates and API webhooks to maximum saving. However some integrations with legacy needs special attention. Our expert team can do it as an extension service.

Validation Service

When you make your own bots and sometimes you want us to review the complete flow then we are happy to assist you with this validation and verification part.

Quarterly Insights

Every quarter "C" Level performance insights (CPI) and total economic impact (TEI) to bring the value to the business owners and top management.

Premium Support

This package covers not only components from all these 5 mentioned but also gives 24x7 support to as superior service level commitment from our side.

Template Maker

24x7x365 multi channels multi lingual intelligent bot empowers your business without adding head count, human effort to maximize conversion and conversations.

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