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FIDOv2 Compliant Superior Strong Authentication.

Top 8 pain points
that hurt you daily

Major security threat and revenue leak to your business is due to people sharing their password and OTPs with others.
Global Privacy ACTs like GDPR, HIPPA, PCI demand higher security posture leading to higher costs for compliance. Password breach is one key contributor in penalty.
Growth needs higher volume with more velocity but passwords / OTPs are negative and show stopper issues now. High Growth regardless of any number is what is needed.
Any data breach exposes all your users credentials esp. if you are using 3rd party Identity Password Management Like LastPassword & OKTA breach.
Sophisticated attacks like Man-In-The-Middle and SIM Cloning bypass current 2FA easily causing major threat to your business and users (employees as well as customers).
There is password fatigue and too much friction with too many steps for strong authentication. Customer drop outs and employee frustration is very common that are serious pain points.
Customer drop outs, workforce productivity drop is directly proportional to support offered. Email, Phone based password reset and OTP blocked leads to complete chaos and nightmare for IT team.
Dependency of native app, telco for text messages, site take drops are needed to give good coverage. Many systems, many vendors, many SLAs is serious pain today.
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Superior Protection

FIDOv2 latest security standard with PKI Digital Certificate & On-Device Biometric eliminates ManInTheMiddle, SIM Swap, Credential Replay and many more.

1Touch Appless

Almost 99+% mobile devices supported passwordless by default. No App installation and works on pure browser based Biometric. For roaming users, QR code scan and push covers 100% usability.

Eliminate Fatigue

This superior protection eliminates any unproductive tasks and removes friction at time of register and regular authentications. Repetitive tasks builds fatigue and passwordless removes it completely.

Accepted Standard

Work with 98% devices by Google, Microsoft, Apple and many more companies. Plug and play integrations with 1000s of network or applications by default.

Tight Binding

Specific Domain/Mobile native works only with specific user (biometric) on specific device(s) registered brings the most comfortable yet tight security.


High volume, high velocity, Instantly protect any number of web apps and mobile apps with no 3rd party dependency. Its limitless authentication brings lowest TCO and highest ROI.

Self Service

Easy to integrate and works seamless with Active Directory self service mobile and web widgets along with multiple resource access saves time, effort and cost at each front.

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Low Risk, Higher Reward

Our products bring new way with new innovation for legacy and new generation infrastructures with least risk and higher rewards.

Priority Mapping

Priority will be front transformation and back office efficiency where our products plays most important role.

Least Integration Burden

Our solutions bring seamless integration with least or no burdening existing infrastructure. Standard to bespoke ensure fast rollout.

Leverage Skills

Leverage on our skilled and expert team that is solving layers of complex problems over last 8 years.

Our Add-on
Services at a glance

Zero Trust Unifys

Service that enables and empowers you to imagine your specific outcomes with regards to zero trust architecture and our team will make it for you. Unify brings consolidation plan under CISO guidance.

App & Data Migration

Don't burden current team. In order to maintain steady growth and productivity, happy balance of employees and outsourced agents. Different timezones also works well with this monthly option.

Custom Integrations

We offers ready to use SDK, Samples and best practise templates for maximum saving. However some integrations with legacy needs special attention. Our expert team can do it as an extension service.

Context Discovery

Many times there are data sources, flows, pain points which are not visible. This offerings takes deep dive in each department and finds out the context, pain and how passwordless can assist and fix.

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